Welcome to the New Blog!

First post… it’s pretty late so I’m not going to get into too much here. I will say however that I’ll be updating this page frequently with some great tips, and many different ways that you can save massive amounts of money during your construction projects. There was a giant void on the Web for a consistent, standalone resource dedicated to this type of information when I needed it most, so I went ahead and created the ‘Bargain Busting Building Blog’. It’s no frills, but the information will be top-notch… that I will promise.

Clearly it’s going to take some time for me to load this page up with the massive amount of valuable content that I have for you guys, but I did write an awesome book on the subject that you can purchase here. Yes, I did say purchase. Why? Because it took me a tremendous amount of time and effort to write it, and the information it contains recently saved me several tens-of-thousands of dollars while building my own house. However, if you just want to keep following the blog, that’s great too! Make no mistake about it, whether your going to build your own house, have a house built, remodel your kitchen, or just look for a standalone appliance… you CAN save tons of money and this WILL BE the place to come before you begin! See you soon!

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